Word from the artist!

For me, painting is a passion, an escape, a compelling adventure constantly renewed! A thorough research in shape and color analysis leads to sun-filled and fresh paintings. Ultimately, these bright colors reflect my happiness with life.

I paint to add a bit of humor and color in my life and to that of others. The light in my paintings allows the observer to discover the beauty that one sometimes forgets! For over 20 years, I have been exploring color, shape, and emotion, as suggested by the picture.

I feel a great need to express myself through creation. My works entail scenes where the subjects interact with color and movement, created by a direct approach to the subject matter. This approach allows for an unpredictable process, which I favor throughout my production, since from this unpredictability arises the desire to go further visually and never stop exploring. 

Starting from an emotional connection with the subject matter, my imagination translates figuratively an idea, a moment, a texture. Working rapidly but carefully, I look for an equilibrium between spontaneity and control. My methodology starts with a certain randomness, an accident: warped canvass, dripping paint; I play around with the material and I transfer my feelings into it. 

Painting remains for me the sphere where I feel the most comfortable. I take delight in the moment of creation and it becomes a kind of meditation. I travel throughout Quebec and the United States attending exhibitions and shows. My life’s emotions, life’s small pleasures saturated with shattered colors and sensuality, that’s what the observer will find in looking at my works. The wonder in front of the extraordinary dualism of contrasts which manage to coexist!